Classic soccer manager games

Championship Manager

Classic soccer manager games - Championship Manager

First modern football manager, but not for the reasons you might expect - it did not offered animated situations from the match, it still was pretty much text based, but there was one thing Championship Manager had that none of its competitions had - it simulated entire world of your game.



Classic soccer manager games - Anstoss

Classic German football manager game that introduced users to the a new experience - no, it didn’t have anything to do with lederhosen... Well, not directly anyway. That new experience was the atmosphere. While other games had better game engines and more options Anstoss moved into completely different direction.


Championship Manager Italia

Classic soccer manager games - Championship Manager Italia

After success of Championship Manager Domark made an extension to the game, offering chance to run a club in Italy. Unfortunately few mistakes in basic concept of the game made it almost unplayable.


Sensible World of Soccer

Classic soccer manager games - Sensible World of Soccer

Unusual marriage of arcade game Sensible Soccer with elements of football management gave one of the best games in both fields in late 1990s.


Bundesliga Manager

Classic soccer manager games - Bundesliga Manager

German classic soccer manager game that despite its simplicity was one of the icons of the genre in 1990s.


Premier Division

Classic soccer manager games - Premier Division

Football manager made just before premiere of Championship Manager, a ground breaking game, that Premier Division could have hardly compete, but at the same time Premier Division was surprisingly enjoyable title.