Best 11 Manager

Best 11 Manager  2017 soccer manager

Best 11 Manager
(2017, Romania)

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Romanian online football manager game that is unlike other games of the genre, but unfortunately not in a good way.

Best Eleven (or sometimes spelled Best 11) is a multiplayer online football manager game created in Romania. Although the game looks very simple it has gained some attention from users and through few last years gained few hundred active players. The game itself is (so far) very simple, the interface does very little to attract more players, but if you are tired of Hattrick or Championship Manager clones this could be a game for you.


There is only one competition - pyramid shaped league system, in which divisions of 16 teams each are filled with users from different countries, which is nice change from being forced to play against users from your own country. There is also some sort of national teams competition, but it is hard to tell what are the rules exactly.

League matches are played Monday to Friday each week, there is no break between seasons.

Simulated world

Single league competition of mixed clubs plus national teams. The users are not divided into countries or regions.

Player parameters

There are 3 main player skills, that are slightly different for each formation - goalkeeper will have handling, reflexes and penalty, defender will have tackling, marking and heading, midfielder passing, creativity and technique, while striker will have technique, finishing and heading. The parameter value is between 0 and 100, but each player has potential for that parameter, which means the maximum value he can reach (f.e. 78).

Basic parameters also include energy (fitness), morale, aggression, ambition, intelligence, stamina and vulnerability. Two other parameters are experience and talent, which sets the maximum levels for skills (player with 2 star talent will have maximum skill values around 70, player with 5 star talent around 90).

Player management

Apart from putting player on transfer list and changing his name (which actually means changing it to another random name) there are very little player management options. One of the exceptions is to send player on psychologist session to improve his morale, but this does not exactly work as you can expect (see Staff section).


Training is one of the original, although not very logic things about Best Eleven - you hire coaches (1 or 2) and they will provide the team with Training Points (TP). You can use those points to improve skill of any of your players or invest them in development of youth team. But the odd thing is that you have to perform training (click button) for each of coaches, then you will get TP, then you can visit the Quick Training screen or details of your players and distribute those points to improve their skills. What is so odd? You hire coach, he will perform the training if you have enough money to pay his wages (otherwise you won’t get the points), but the training sessions and the TP poll will not have any influence on the players until you spend the TP you have gathered, so it’s more like card game than any sort of training.

Each use of the points will improve selected skill by 0.5 point, but it takes different amount of TP to get that improvement (for lower skills it could take 1000 TP, for higher skills could be 4000-5000). The improvement is permanent.

To improve player energy you can fill him with one of the most expensive energy drinks ever - single boost of 15% energy will cost you about 15.000 credits, which is same as coach weekly wages.


Transfers are done through auction system, where you can put player on the list, but unless someone will place a bid the player stays there. Once auction is started you can place you offers until deadline. Unfortunately while placing player on transfer list you have no option to set the price of the player (the price is copied from his current value), so it is very hard to get rid of the low skill players.

Youth team is an option to provide you with fresh players, but just like in case of training it is point system, where you invest Training Points into development plus use the skills of the youth team coach to provide you with player with better talent.


Tactics in Best Eleven are limited to only starting line-up selection - you can’t give any individual orders. The only options that you can call tactics are rather vague - effort, tempo, attacking zone, marking, aggression. Unfortunately match engine does not provide player statistics and only general statistics of the teams, so it is hard to spot what difference those options make.

Also Best Eleven uses logic taken from Hattrick, where team has to improve its "skill" in current formation, so if you switch your team from 4-4-2 to 3-5-2 it means they will play poorly in next few games. Tactics also struggle with a bug - if you leave injured player in the starting line-up he not only does take part in the match, he does not seem to influence the team performance.

Match engine and match report

Match engine provides text report from match and only very basic team statistics (ball possession, average age, average morale, average energy). There are no player statistics at all, not even simple rating to show if that particular player did well in this match or not. The only statistics that are stored and available in the player details are goals scored (in current season and career) and man of the match awards (also in current season and career).

Team formations have separate ratings in match report, which could suggest they are more important than individual values, but without individual statistics it is hard to tell what is the link between them.

Team management

Team management options include signing the sponsorship deals and improving the club facilities, although most of them are... well, loosely defined.

Sponsorship deals are signed for the season and will provide weekly money plus bonuses for wins and draws.

Medical facilities will decrease the chance that your players will get injuries, research center will provide you with potential transfer targets (so it should be called scouting center I guess), training base will take a lot of money to be reach the 5-star level, although it is unclear how does it improve the training itself (I guess it will give bigger jumps in skills or lover TP cost).

Another thing is club shop that will each day provide you with small amount of money that you have to personally collect (which is one of the schemes of the creator to force players to visit the website every day). If you fail to collect them they are just gone.


Stadium has capacity and pitch quality. While you can increase the capacity, there are no options to improve the pitch (it changes automatically according to weather in your region, which is... a bit odd).


You can hire two coaches (see Training section), youth team coach that will provide you with new talents and psychologist. The odd thing is they not really are your employees as such. The coaches will be paid for each training session they have performed and will not take any weekly wages. The psychologist on the other hand will take a lot of money for each session with single player to boost his morale, so in a way he is not your employee as well.

The people you "employ" do nothing actually, unless you activate them (f.e. click "perform button" under the coach), so there is no influence whatsoever from them until you use them.


It is massive multiplayer online game, although aside from forum (that is not great) and personal messages there are no interactions with other players, no way to outsmart them since match engine provides very little data to work on.

Overall review

Best Eleven (or Best 11) is an online manager created by Romanian fan of the genre. Right now it looks like it is a young fan since most of the game elements and the interface elements seem like rushed job, although the game is active for few years now. The general concept of the game is just distribution of points and money, there are no elements that would require much skills, rather following the, sometimes hard to understand, rules and patiently wait until your players will improve.

Also the game has one weak point - creator tries to force users to login every day by forcing them to collect money from club shop, click on the ranking sites to get money bonus, get loot box on signing in, etc. Perhaps it is sign of modern time, but that approach really spoils the atmosphere in Best Eleven that is paper-thin as it is.

Overall it is very simple game, with really uninspired interface, often laughable artwork (like player faces), that has not much to do with football, it is rather a logistic game of calculation how to distribute the points.

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Best 11 Manager  2017 soccer manager
Best 11 Manager  2017 soccer manager
Best 11 Manager  2017 soccer manager
Best 11 Manager  2017 soccer manager
Best 11 Manager  2017 soccer manager