Club Manager 2015

Club Manager 2015  2014 soccer manager

German football manager game that will not surprise you in any way if you have seen any other German games of the genre.

German football manager games always were simplified when it comes to player parameters, but had extended list of management options and Club Manager 2015 is not exception. The players in your team are described by only 4 main parameters, but at the same time your stadium is described by about 30.


Almost all German divisions are simulated, from 1. Bundesliga to 9th level of competition, but games does not recognize that lower divisions should be split into regions (f.e. Verbandsliga on level 6th in real life is split into 20 separate divisions in different regions of the country) - from 8th league you will be promoted to 7th, from 7th to 6th and so on - all of the divisions are put in one line instead of the pyramid. Domestic cups and international cups are simulated.

Simulated world

Only German league is simulated, from 1st to 9th level of competition. Foreign teams are used to place transfer offers and take part in European cups, also you can browse through them and place direct transfer offers for their players. In that capacity over 100 countries take part, although they are not really simulated.

Player parameters

Player parameters are very limited - only main skills, energy, stamina and morale, each with value between 1 and 100. For team selection and transfer situations the player overall skill level is described by single value between 1 and 25, that value includes influence of current form. Additional parameter describes player’s talent, between 1 and 5 stars.

Player management

Standard options for player management (extend contract, release from contract, change transfer status) are extended by one option that is quite nice addition - you can rename any of your players at any time and as many times as you want, which makes the game more user friendly. Apart from that there is not much options available.


There is only one training option - you can choose for each player if his training sessions should concentrate on improvement of his skill levels, his energy or his stamina. Unfortunately lack of training reports makes it hard to notice how those parameters change in time.


Transfer list contains all the players available for transfer or for loan deal. Also you can just browse through any club in any country in the world and place offer of transfer to any of their players (if he wasn’t transferred yet this season).


Tactics are not strong point of Club Manager - there are no tactics options at all. You just select the starting eleven, select the substitutes and that is it. You can use assistant help for team selection with recommendation that he should use skills, energy or age as the main factor.

Match engine and match report

Match engine works in mysterious ways so to speak - without any personal or even team statistics at the end of the game there is no way to tell who or in what way have influenced the game result. Players do get the match ratings, but that is all you have to base your future decisions on.

Nice touch in the match engine was use of 3D animations to display the goal opportunities, but it is hard to spot a link between them and the players since not only there are no names or numbers on their shirts in animations, what is more the animations show always players in red and blue shirts even though none of the teams taking part have such colours.

Team management

Apart from player management options (transfers, contracts) you will sign sponsorship deals and take care of finances. You will take care of the club merchandise, you order the goods and set the selling price, although for unknown reason you have to place all orders for merchandise goods before July 16th and if your stock is depleted you can’t place any more orders. At the beginning of the season your club will go on training camp and, for unknown reason, it is not an option, you just have to.

Another way to entertain during long winter nights is to take a look at the investment possibilities - if you have extra cash and no imminent transfers in near future you can invest the club money in outside businesses, although it is not much fun to be honest. Much better part of the game seems to be the youth team, in which you can actually see all the players and promote best of them to first team.


Stadium management involves not only change in the capacity and ticket prices, but also improvement of elements of the stadium, like pitch, floodlights, roofs, security, catering or loudspeakers. Also you have to take special care of the VIP spectators by providing them with good services.

Another element that is available for you is the stadium surroundings - you can invest in infrastructure that will influence your match attendances or will improve the club facilities. For example you can build connection to public transport systems (train, trams, buses), enlarge parking space, build youth academy or medical center.


There are several positions to fill: assistant manager, first team coach, youth coach, stamina coach, club doctor, club physio and club psychologist. While the assistant manager can take care of some of the things you have to handle (like team selection), rest of them I guess do influence the running of the club, but it is hard to exactly determine how (f.e. physio will most likely decrease chance of players getting injured, but you can’t be sure how much).


Club Manager has multiplayer option typical for German games - up to 4 players can play on same computer while taking in turns management decisions.

Overall review

As the creators of Club Manager 2015 described their own product it is a casual game that should not take much time of the player, but in practice it does not really work that way - you have to skip through every single day in your calendar no matter if some event takes place or not, you more or less are forced to watch the cup draws for each of the domestic and international cups, you have to take care of a lot of details in your own club (like merchandise) or deal with the sponsors and prices of tickets and cost of over 20 elements of your own stadium.

Overall Club Manager 2015 is hard to describe in few words - it is very simple game, in which team selection seems to be the least interesting part of your job and after a while you will get tired of it and use the assistant’s help, but at the same time you can take a look into squad of club from Democratic Republic of Congo or East Timor and find interesting player that you can actually buy. There are no player statistics from matches, but on the other hand you can develop talents in your youth team. There are no options to organize any team activity apart from trainings and matches, but at the same time you have to take care of every little detail of your stadium or merchandise.

It is not bad game, it has certain quality in it, but questionable choices (f.e. whole interface made to look like you are using tablet lying on the desk or very detailed contract negotiations) could make it really frustrating for some users.

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Club Manager 2015  2014 soccer manager
Club Manager 2015  2014 soccer manager
Club Manager 2015  2014 soccer manager
Club Manager 2015  2014 soccer manager
Club Manager 2015  2014 soccer manager
Club Manager 2015  2014 soccer manager
Club Manager 2015  2014 soccer manager