Football-o-Rama  2021 soccer manager

(2021, Poland)

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Polish multiplayer online soccer manager, in which you build your team from scratch - you literally buy ground, on which your stadium will be built.

Online multiplayer soccer manager game originally active between 2002 and 2012, now re-activated with new features, but same basic concept.


Football-o-Rama simulates league matches, each team is placed in one of the three divisions in a league, so there are only direct promotions and relegations (there are no play-offs or pyramid-shaped league structure). Within league you can compete in local cup competition, promotion to next round is determined in one match. There are inter-league competitions, in which top team from 1st divisions face each other in 2 leg duels.

Also there are additional competitions, like friendly tournaments and indoor tournaments, where clubs can compete for prizes. There are two league matches per week (on Friday and Sunday), while cup competitions take part on Wednesdays.

Simulated world

Football-o-Rama does not separate users into national leagues, all users compete with open divisions, which means you can face opponent from Japan and Nigeria in same division. There are sort-of leagues, each with 3 divisions, 12 teams per division. You can establish your club in any city in the world (over 180 countries are available) and join any division you want.

Player parameters

Player parameters are split in few sections, but not like in most game. Basic skill of player is determined by his main skill level, there are technical skills (tackling, ball control, pace, passing, heading, shooting, tactical, stamina and set pieces), but also there are parameters that are hidden until the player will spend some time in your team or will play some matches in your team.

The hidden parameters describe the personality, morale, experience and similar elements of the player, which you would not know in first meeting with a person. One of the parameters, called team fit, also describes how well player fits with rest of the team, which could only be improved by playing in the starting lineup, which makes it harder to build a team, when single injury or suspension could mean lowering the ambience in the team.

Player management

Apart from basics (shirt number, transfer status, extending or terminating contracts) there are options to send player to reserve team, youth team (if he is young enough), to indoor team, medical tests, on fitness restoration course.


Training is simplified to just two options - you can choose main focus of training and additional focus. The types of training are limited to few (technical, tactical, stamina, regeneration, rest, main skill training), because the staff members hires in your team have influence on the progress.


There are several options of transfers, the main source of new players is the local amateur market, where you can get players very cheap, but not very good. The transfers between clubs are done directly (not through f.e. auctions), so you negotiate with real people transfer offers and loan offers (both of which can have additional conditions). Also there is free agents list, where players without contracts can be signed up, but you have to compete with other teams to place the best offer.

Another way of finding players is through scouts - you can assign them to search for new talents in your own country, or you can send them to other countries. In both cases you will get the chance to sign good players before they will be available on the transfer market.


Tactics are rather basic: play through center, attack on the wings, try long shots and long passes. Also there are few minor options, like choosing which 15-minutes period of the match your team will be putting extra effort into play, but at the same time you have to choose some other when they will be resting. You can choose the general approach of your team - if this is match of the season or match that means nothing, which will affect their morale and aggression, but also the team fit parameter seems to be very important. Team with players of high team fit value executes their tactics better, so this could be more important than other settings.

Match engine and match report

Match repors are rather basic - they describe most of the situations on field, there is option to watch the match as it develops through clicking to skip to next event or Hattrick-like full 90 minutes experience.

Team management

The one thing Football-o-Rama is not short of is team management options. Apart from typical basics, like choosing team colours, naming your stadium, etc. you can determine team strategy for the season, negotiate with sponsors, sign short-term advert deals, improve stadium, organize in-club activities, take part in result prediction games, read transfer gossip column in in-game newspaper, trade goods and stock market, give staff members particular assignments, etc.


Stadium consists of over 40 details that you can improve and expand, from basic capacity changes, through pitch upkeep, scoreboards, advertisement slots, to parking space, training ground and club shops. The stadium itself also contains office space that you can assign to your staff members and thus improve their productivity or increase their influence on the team.


There are over 20 professions of people you can hire for your club and unlike other games of the genre they are not just for show. Without coach your team will be improving slower, without marketing director you will struggle to find sponsor, without scouts you will know nothing about your opponents, without doctor you won’t know when your player will recover from injury, without physio you will not know how tired your players are. Some of the staff members will provide you with extra info, f.e. data analyst will give you some better idea what are weak and strong points of your team, language tutor will improve the communication of your foreign players, dietitian will keep your players in better shape.


Yes, the game is fully multiplayer.

Overall review

Interesting game, still partly in development, but already on level similar to best games of the genre, like Hattrick or Dugout Online, with plenty to do all weak and a lot of data to help you make the best team selection for next match.

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Football-o-Rama  2021 soccer manager
Football-o-Rama  2021 soccer manager
Football-o-Rama  2021 soccer manager
Football-o-Rama  2021 soccer manager