Global Soccer Manager 2017

Global Soccer Manager 2017  2017 soccer manager

Single player football manager clearly inspired by classic Championship Manager games, where you can take over any club in one of dozens of countries and fight for the title. Except in Global Soccer Manager 2017 creates its own obstacles to stop you from reaching the top.

Global Soccer Manager is another game that was clearly inspired by early Championship Manager games with similar outlook, similar interface, similar match presentation, similar team selection, similar player parameters... They are very similar in general. But that is where the similarities end and hard reality begins.


Domestic competitions are simulated in quite wide range of countries in two different game modes that don’t really differ that much - in one you will get modified game club names (f.e. PSV Eendhoven instead of PSV Eindhoven) and player names, in other the club names will be the same, but players will be generated from scratch. International cups are played, but there are no friendly games.

Simulated world

Only your own league is easily accessible to review, but other countries are in a way simulated. It is hard to tell if or how many matches are played using the same engine as your own, but at least some of them must be superficially generated. You can review clubs in your own and other countries, but some of them might be empty (with no players at all, even if you choose it as your own club).

Player parameters

Player parameters are similar to those in Championship Manager, with value between 1 and 20, where 20 is the maximum level of the skill. Some of the skills are not fully explained (f.e. you have pace and speed, but it is hard to determine what exactly do they mean), also they are listed alphabetically, which makes it a bit hard to read them.

Some of the parameters determine the character of player, like aggression, adaptability, but comparing to other games they don’t give you the complete image of the player’s nature. Also the parameters don’t seem to be generated in accordance to a bigger scheme, so you can f.e. search for players with great pace, passing and creativity and be given list that contain mostly goalkeepers.

Player management

Apart from transfers and contract extensions there are no player management options.


Training options are rather meager in Global Socccer Manager - for whole team you can select training session for each day (or leave it as "general"), but there are no options to plan weekly schedule or something like that, which makes it painfully dull to make a change. Not that you have much options to choose from - apart from general setting there are attack, defence, fitness, morale and set pieces options.

You can also set individual training settings - for each player you can choose one parameter player should concentrate during the sessions, but again there are no options top plan them in advance.


There are direct transfers and loan options, you can search players through transfer list or place offers directly by reviewing the clubs.


There are no tactics options as such - you select the lineup, dead ball situation takers and team involvement (between 5% and 100%) and that is about it.

Match engine and match report

Match viewer is almost a copy of what you may know from Championship Manager games - simple short messages about match events displayed on the photo background. There are very few player statistics or in-depth informations, so it is hard to determine how your choices influence the result.

Only general statistics for teams are available during and after the match, but they don’t give much knowledge which player did what or how he influenced the others.

Team management

There are no team management options as such - apart from transfers, contracts and matches there is nothing much to do.


There are no stadium options.


There are no options to hire any staff members.


There are no multiplayer options.

Overall review

Global Socccer Manager is another copy of classic Championship Manager games, but so far it is not even close to the level of Champ Man - the interface is far, faaar from being perfect, the match data don’t give much inkling what exactly is going on during the game, which players should be changed or how your selections make a difference. Even simple mistakes prove that the creators do not created yet the full world inside the game - if you choose to run a team with no players in squad you will get the completely empty squad, player can refuse your contract offer during the transfer negotiations that you didn’t have chance to offer him, team selection is not very user-friendly since you can’t move the position symbol from one player to the other, you are forced to assign players with shirt numbers at the beginning of the season and there is no option to skip it, etc.

Overall Global Socccer Manager looks like project of Championship Manager fan, who has passion to make a spiritual successor of Champ Man, but has no skills no team to help him chasing after his dream. The game is very user-unfriendly, the interface is in many parts just horrible, the match engine is a mystery, there is no even an editor to fix the club names... It is one big mess that would require a lot of effort to actually make it work.

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Global Soccer Manager 2017  2017 soccer manager
Global Soccer Manager 2017  2017 soccer manager
Global Soccer Manager 2017  2017 soccer manager
Global Soccer Manager 2017  2017 soccer manager
Global Soccer Manager 2017  2017 soccer manager
Global Soccer Manager 2017  2017 soccer manager
Global Soccer Manager 2017  2017 soccer manager