New Star Manager

New Star Manager  2018 soccer manager

New Star was a series of Flash games, in which you were in charge of your own career as player, in New Star Manager you take control of the club.

New Star were Flash games similar to classic Footballer of the Year, in which you were in charge of your own career as the new football talent and through training and transfers become a star. New Star Manager is extension to those games, but this time you are put in charge of whole club. At the same time you control your players during the arcade parts of the matches to decide the outcome of them. In the whole concept there is just one flaw - the word "manager" in the title suggests something that the game really isn’t, a fully management game.


In most of the countries only two divisions are available and domestic cup. International competitions are not fully simulated.

Simulated world

In theory several countries are available, although no real club names are available and also no real player names. To put it plainly: all player names are generated from same database, so if you choose to play in England you will get players names like Taylor, Cooper, Morgan or Carter. If you choose Netherlands you will get names like Thompson, Cooper, Taylor or Carter. If you choose Poland you will get names like Taylor, McCoy, Morgan or Thompson.

Player parameters

Players are described by main skill level (between 10 and 100) and few technical parameters: tackling, strength, technique, dribbling and pace. More emphasis was put on the mental state of players: they can be worried about your management skills, self-development, lack of chances to play, contract extension. Also fitness plays important part during the matches - tired player can be liability for the team.

Player management

Player management in New Star Manager is more or less based on the cards system, like most of the game options. You can have a meeting with a player to remove some of his worries, you can improve his skills or his fitness level, extend contract, appeal against suspension. You can do all of those things... as long as you have the right card in you inventory. And that rule applies to almost anything in the game.


You hire coach, who in a way improves the player skills, although with no report it is hard to tell what are the links between his skills and improvement of your players. You can improve particular skill by using (what a surprise) a card, if you have the right one.


Transfers are made via transfer list - you place an offer and via mini-game decide the player transfer fee and wages. Other clubs will make offers for your players that you can accept or decline (there is no option to negotiate the price).


Apart from selecting lineup and team effort there are no options to influence the tactics. Well, there is one, you can have a team talk... using a right card.

Match engine and match report

Offensive situations of your team are decided via arcade part of the game - using mouse or touchscreen you can make passes, dribble or take a shots. Defensive situations are done completely via automatic calculation, so you have no influence whatsoever.

Match report is very short and covers only few major aspects of the match events. There are no individual statistics apart from number of goals scored or number of cards shown.

Team management

As team manager you are in charge of improvement of club infrastructure, which covers the training ground, scouting department, medical department, youth team and club shop. The improvement of the infrastructure is made via tree system - you need to fulfill some requirement to move the selected part to another level, there is no option to just move few steps ahead.

Sponsorship deals are signed from time to time, you have to improve your relationships with fans, sponsors, media and team.


Stadium capacity can be changed, ticket price can be changed, but that is pretty much all you can do.


For each of the departments you can hire a single staff member: head coach, physio, youth coach, scout and fitness coach. Their skills can be improved via use of the right cards.


There is no multiplayer option.

Overall review

New Star Manager is interesting mix of arcade and simple management game, you actually have influence on each particular goal chance for your team, but at the same time the game struggles to fulfill the "manager" bit in its title. Yes, you are in charge of the club, yes, you can hire staff, make transfers, select lineup, but overall it is a card game more than anything else. You can be wizard in arcade part, but your players will be unhappy and the only way to change that situation is by using a right card. You can build a great team, but to keep everyone happy you will need the right cards to use.

As a football manager game it is just decent production that can be compared to early games of the genre - very few player parameters, lack of statistics, lack of progress reports. And there is one feature missing in New Star Manager that is usually available in older games - data editor. Without it the game is only half-baked idea.

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New Star Manager  2018 soccer manager
New Star Manager  2018 soccer manager
New Star Manager  2018 soccer manager
New Star Manager  2018 soccer manager
New Star Manager  2018 soccer manager
New Star Manager  2018 soccer manager
New Star Manager  2018 soccer manager
New Star Manager  2018 soccer manager