Bundesliga soccer manager games


Bundesliga soccer manager games - Anstoss

Classic German football manager game that introduced users to the a new experience - no, it didn’t have anything to do with lederhosen... Well, not directly anyway. That new experience was the atmosphere. While other games had better game engines and more options Anstoss moved into completely different direction.


Anstoss Online

Bundesliga soccer manager games - Anstoss Online

Online version of one of the early classics, Anstoss, kept in the similar style and level of complexity, which is not a compliment over 20 years since premiere.


Bundesliga Manager

Bundesliga soccer manager games - Bundesliga Manager

German classic soccer manager game that despite its simplicity was one of the icons of the genre in 1990s.


Championship Manager 2010

Bundesliga soccer manager games - Championship Manager 2010

The last "grown up" version of Championship Manager published to date and unfortunately it seems unlikely there will be any more to come. This version introduced few new elements and at the same time lost on some fronts.


Club Manager 2015

Bundesliga soccer manager games - Club Manager 2015

German football manager game that will not surprise you in any way if you have seen any other German games of the genre.


Football Manager 2020

Bundesliga soccer manager games - Football Manager 2020

Football Manager 2020 is further version of the series, with updated graphics, updated team squads and slight changes to gameplay itself.


Global Soccer Manager 2017

Bundesliga soccer manager games - Global Soccer Manager 2017

Single player football manager clearly inspired by classic Championship Manager games, where you can take over any club in one of dozens of countries and fight for the title. Except in Global Soccer Manager 2017 creates its own obstacles to stop you from reaching the top.


Hattrick Soccer Manager

Bundesliga soccer manager games - Hattrick Soccer Manager

Swedish online multiplayer game that pretty much defined the genre of online football manager games for years to come, even though is now just a shadow of former glory.


New Star Manager

Bundesliga soccer manager games - New Star Manager

New Star was a series of Flash games, in which you were in charge of your own career as player, in New Star Manager you take control of the club.


Santa Monica FC Online

Bundesliga soccer manager games - Santa Monica FC Online

Single player online football manager that offers several game modes and wide range of configuration options, so each time you play it you will get different game.


Santa Monica Football Club

Bundesliga soccer manager games - Santa Monica Football Club

Simple football manager game published on Amiga in 1998 - with basic options available, basic player parameters and basic match report this game is the pure definition of basic. And not without reason.


Sensible World of Soccer

Bundesliga soccer manager games - Sensible World of Soccer

Unusual marriage of arcade game Sensible Soccer with elements of football management gave one of the best games in both fields in late 1990s.